Monday, December 14, 2009

Lots of snow..

Well, we are supposed to be getting a big dump of snow here tonight and tomorrow. We just have a little inch or so dusting now. Just hoping the power doesn't go out.

I just love looking out at the falling snow. It makes everything look so beautiful as it sparkles.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday Season!


  1. Snow is good :) We are getting some right now. It is just coming down so pretty. I am taking DH out for supper tonight at the Swiss Chalet as he has been working so hard on my summer kitchen. Is is finished except for the painting of the huge cupboard, and I mean huge. He made the cupboard yesterday and he also made the buck saw table. He finished around midnight. Looks great though. Pictures will be coming.
    Your parcel is on it's way. Hope you like everything.
    Janet :)

  2. Yes, snow is good (-: It is beautiful to watch as it is coming down.

    Wow! That is so fast that DH has made those wonderful things for you. You are very close to finishing it sounds. Can't wait to see the pictures. He certainly deserves to be taken out for a really nice dinner. He will enjoy that.

    I hope you like everything in the parcel I've sent you.


  3. Hi girls...I have a feeling you will BOTH enjoy whatever you sent each other! LOL Great talented ladies you are Ü. You have a very nice blog, Karen, I've enjoyed it. The pumpkin cheese cake sounds so wonderful I might just have to try that one out for myself very soon.
    I know that snow kind of hits hard at the coast, we are more used to it inland. Did I hear that snow tires are finally mandatory there? The trend seems to be leading to more snow in the lower mainland...
    I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas!
    ~ Nancy

  4. Hi Nancy! Thank you very much for your kind words! You have a very nice blog as well..(-:
    Yes, give the cheesecake a try. It is very delicious.
    Luckily, Mother Nature was quite kind to us and we didn't get the huge amount of snow that they were calling for. We got a couple of inches and then freezing rain. Now it has warmed up and is raining. Snow tires are not yet mandatory down here in the lower mainland, but I believe they have made them mandatory on the Sea to Sky Highway.
    You're right...the trend really is seeing more snow here in the lower mainland.

    I also wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and much joy and good health in the New Year!