Saturday, January 2, 2010

Some Christmas gifts!

This is a beautiful gingerbread man table topper that my sister Janet in Ontario hand made for me. She is a fabulous, expert quilter. I love it!! Thank you very much Janet. I must say, it does look best in my house!! (-: I haven't picked it up very well in the picture but the detail is so good. There are little buttons for the eyes and hand stitching around the ginger bread men. Beautiful job Janet as always!
Look at this wonderful little mat with the sheep that Janet also sent me. She knows I just love sheep! It was made by a talented lady in Ontario that my sister knows. How cute is that!
This is a Hunt jug that was my Grandmother's. My younger sister Audrey thought that I would like it for Christmas for several reasons. It was our Grandmother's, it depicts the Hunt and I also collect jugs! Audrey you were right! I just love it and it was so thoughtful. Thank you very much, I shall treasure it always.

So, as you can see, I feel very blessed that I received these wonderful gifts from some very special people in my life. I hope you enjoy looking at them.



  1. Yes, very nice gifts indeed. Glad you are enjoying them.
    The runner does look good in your house :)


  2. Isn't it great to have crafty siblings? I tell you, I love homemade gits, and yours are wonderful! Enjoy your new treasures, B=)

  3. Absolutely beautiful...but I think it looks better in MY house! LOL LOL LOL!! BTW, love the sheep too! Yes, she is one talented lady, I agree. :)